Mobile Pump Sets

Mobile Pump Sets

Diesel Generator Sets | 50Hz/60Hz

■ Open-type ■ Silent-type

The pump unit can suck and discharge liquids containing large particles of solid and long fiber impurities, and can be widely used in municipal sewage and waterlogging prevention projects, agricultural irrigation, etc. The pump set has a simple structure, good self-priming performance, strong sewage discharge capability, high efficiency and energy saving, and convenient use and maintenance.

MPMC Power, Power that you can rely on

Dedicated For Sustainable Independent Power

MPMC are committed to contributing better and cleaner energy solutions to increase fuel consumption efficiency while reducing our own footprints, with solar/wind/gas /diesel power integration.

Reliable Powerful Generator Sets

MPMC diesel/gas generators covers 6kVa - 3000kVA gensets applied in all ranges of critical applications including rentail, disaster relief, mining, data center, construction, hospitals etc.

Best-in-class Painting Process

MPMC has the most advanced
automatic spraying / powder coating production line, and is equipped with various sandblasting equipment to ensure higher quality.

Complete Design And Quality Inspection

Rigorous production process and testing process: 

0%, 25%, 50%, 75%, 100%, 110% load test; Function test and protection test.


■ Flow: 50-35000m³/h
■ Head: 8-80m
■ Medium: ≤1240kg/m³
■ Diameter: 80mm~60mm
■ Power: 7.5kw~315kw
■ Temperature: Environment≤50℃ Medium≤80℃

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