Powerpacks For Cold Chain

Powerpacks for Cold Chain

Generator Sets For ISO Reefer Containers | 60Hz

MPMC power generation delivers reliable economical power solutions with optimal fuel economy and low operating costs, applied in a variety of diverse applications including cold chain transportation, rental, mining, construction, data center, power plants, telecommunication, etc.

Key Specs

Prime Power: 313kVA/250kW - 688kVA/550kW
Standby Power: 344kVA/275kW - 750kVA/600kW
Available For Reefer Containers: 24 sets  - 54 sets

MPMC Is A Supplier Of The New Silk Road Economic Belt

Dedicated For Sustainable Independent Power

MPMC are committed to contributing better and cleaner energy solutions to increase fuel consumption efficiency while reducing our own footprints, with solar/wind/gas /diesel power integration.

Reliable Powerful Generator Sets

It si crusial for powerpacks to provide stable and reliable power to protect the valuable perishable cargo. MPMC is trucsted by refrigeration container operators for 14 years.

Best-in-class Painting Process

MPMC has the most advanced
automatic spraying / powder coating production line, and is equipped with various sandblasting equipment to ensure higher quality.

Complete Design And Quality Inspection

Rigorous production process and testing process:

0%, 25%, 50%, 75%, 100%, 110% load test; Function test and protection test.

Key Specifications

Model kVA/kW PRP kVA/kW ESP Engine Model Engine Speed Emissions Endurance @ Load Available For Reefer Containers
MCCG-C250H 313kVA/250kW 344kVA/275kW NTA855-G1 1800rpm - ≥45h@100% Load 24 sets
MCCG-C275H 344kVA/275kW 375kVA/300kW NTA855-G1B 1800rpm - ≥41h@100% Load 28 sets
MCCG-C315H 394kVA/315kW 433kVA/347kW NTA855-G3 1800rpm - ≥39h@100% Load 30 sets
MCCG-C350H 438kVA/350kW 500kVA/400kW KTA19-G2 1800rpm - ≥34h@100% Load 34 sets
MCCG-C400H 500kVA/400kW 550kVA/440kW KTA19-G3 1800rpm - ≥31h@100% Load 40 sets
MCCG-C450H 563kVA/450kW 625kVA/500kW KTA19-G4 1800rpm - ≥28h@100% Load 44 sets
MCCG-C470H 588kVA470kW 688kVA/550kW KTA19-G5 1800rpm - ≥25h@100% Load 46 sets
MCCG-C500H 625kVA/500kW 713kVA/570kW QSK19-G4 1800rpm China Stage Ⅲ/EPA Tier Ⅱ ≥24h@100% Load 50 sets
MCCG-C550H 688kVA/550kW 750kVA/600kW QSK19-G5 1800rpm China Stage Ⅲ/EPA Tier Ⅱ ≥22h@100% Load 54 sets

What Do You expect from mPMC Powerpacks?

1. Ensuring powerful starting performance and continuous steady power supply to refrigerated containers.
2. Attention to critical airflow.
3. Large capacity fuel tank for long duration.
4. Easy maintenance with access on all faces of the container.
5. Cloud monitoring system for remote monitoring, diagnose and maintenance.
6. Fire-proof system.

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