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MPMC is dedicated to providing comprehensive solutions for customers in mining industry, covering all aspects of the mining industry from wholesale to leasing/hire, from keeping production power on, to the accommodation power supply in remote regions, from one single unit as backup power to synchronized fleet operating constantly as a prime power.

Our diesel generators, mobile light towers and hybrid energy products having won the trust around the world including major mining companies BHP, Rhino, Rio-Tinto and so on is because the products are designed beautifully with innovative technology, but also with sincere care for the protection of environment and the safety and health of the end-users.

Power generation systems, either diesel generators or hybrid power station generated electricity by solar, fuels and battery storage system, are essential to mines situated away from the utility grid due to long distance power distribution and power demands for general tooling and equipments, operator positioning in the pit, gas monitoring and ventilation systems etc.

MPMC mobile solutions ensure that our customers have a great return on their investment by skilled and experienced technical teams, knowing the need for cost-effective reliable power solutions in harsh environments.

Rugged and powerful. MPMC mobile solutions for mining have robust design with rain, dust and sand proof. They are proven to be dependable power supply solutions with long working hours.

Low operating cost. In addition to trouble less thanks to brand engines and alternators, through smart control systems, a calendar reminder can set for regular maintenance.

Innovative Technology. MPMC specializes in both integrated and distributed power solutions of solar, wind, diesel and battery energy storage, ensuring steady output with less fuel, lower noise. By the nature of mining industry, there si a good chance that the mines are in high altitude and low ambient temperature. Our customized solutions come with low temperature start.

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MPMC mobile power solutions for mining industry covers all ranges from 6kVA to 3000kVA diesel gensets, manual and hydraulic light towers, hybrid light towers, gas generators and hybrid power stations.

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