LS Fixed Light Tower

LS Fixed Light Tower

Mobile Light Tower | 7.5m/9m

■ LED ■ Metal Halide
■ Fuel type: Diesel
■ Engine brand: Kubota

MPMC mobile light towers focus on improving product reliability and durability by improving fuel consumption efficiency; lowering operating costs and maintenance costs. It has been a proven solution for a wide range of applications including rental, mining, construction site, infrastructure, sports and events etc.

MPMC Power, Power that you can rely on

Dedicated For Sustainable Independent Power

MPMC are committed to contributing better and cleaner energy solutions to increase fuel consumption efficiency while reducing our own footprints, with solar/wind/gas /diesel power integration.

Low Costs, More Power

Big large fuel tank for longer service life.

Remote control module and optional surveillance camera to realize unattended operation. 

Best-in-class Painting Process

MPMC has the most advanced
automatic spraying / powder coating production line, and is equipped with various sandblasting equipment to ensure higher quality.

Complete Design And Quality Inspection

On/off road trailers to comply with various standards. Zero noise emissions at night.

Rigorous production process and testing process.


Alarm light.

User-friendly operating interface and fully functional control system.

Lifting rings at the top.

Compact design.

Convenient clamshell design overhaul.

Metal halide lights.

LED lights.

LED lights.

Strong supporting legs and chassis.

Heavy duty hydraulic lifting system.

Fuel filler.

Built-in large fuel tank.


■ Powerful hydraulic lifting system.
■ Push-type emergency stop button.
■ All-welded base frame to prevent fuel leakage.


■ Mast 355° rotation and lights 75°vertical adjustment.
■ Galvanized mast, able to adjust height with non-returen valve and hydraulic lifting.

Easy Operation

■ Rear flip hood for easy maintenance.
■ Simple operation interface
■ Individual breaker switch for each light assembly.
■ Forklift holes at the bottom.

Low Noise

■ Heavy duty silencer and sound insulation. Noise level 63dBA@7m.
■ 2 output sockets. The light tower can also be a generator.
■ All-welded base frame proofing fuel leakage.

Customize Your Light Tower

■ Remote monitoring and control module. Telemetry options enable remote monitoring and diagranosis.
■ The standard Power Zone Autolight Controller allows automated operation, including timed start/stop and dusk-to-dawn settings.
■ Customizable audible alarm.
■ Fuel leakage triggers the alarm system, yet the machine keeps working.
■ 2 Pole pad lockable battery isolator.
■ Australian standard customization available.

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