Natural Gas Generator Sets

1MW-100MW Gas power plant

Industries and locations may vary, but the need for constant power never changes.

MPMC gas-powered generator sets provide you with continuous, economical, reliable, and future-ready power. Utilizing natural gas, biogas or other gases, MPMC generator sets feature cutting-edge technology for combined heat and power (CHP), as well as combined heat, powerand cooling (CHPC) solutions. All of our gas gensets feature high efficiency and low emissions in the 900 kWe - 4500 kWe electrical power range.

MPMC provides gas internal combustion engines that can be widely used in commercial, industrial, and public construction.

Gas internal combustion engines can supply on-site electricity demand in a grid isolated manner and can also output to the public power grid. The waste heat generated by the operation of internal combustion engines can also be recycled and used to produce hot water or supply steam according to the surrounding demand. The recovered heat can also supply absorption chillers to produce cold water, which can support the operation of cooling and air conditioning systems.

The advantages of natural gas power generation

Waste heat utilization, improving the comprehensive utilization efficiency of the system, with low operating costs

Low equipment lifecycle cost

Low noise, environmentally friendly

Project planning and engineering


Expert planning support for diverse power generation solutions


Assistance with integrating it into your application


Detailed engine, system and component explanations


Planning stage budget proposal and fixed implementation price


Peripheral system design and planning support


Service solutions consultation and recommendations

Products advantages

high reliability

Adopting a professional electronic control system, precise control of all operating conditions can be achieved;

Excellent power

The engine has a high power density, and the power output and BMEP have reached the international advanced level

 Transient performance

When the load loading rate is greater than 50%, it can be increased to full load in two stages, meeting the performance level of G3 generator set

economic efficiency

Advanced ignition system and optimized combustion chamber design make ignition more reliable and reduce misfire rate


We create our products using the latest technologies to ensure the best experience.

Low gas consumption

Air fuel ratio closed-loop control and cylinder uniformity control, more precise air fuel ratio control, and more complete combustion in each cylinder

Strong adaptability

Various combustible gases such as natural gas, oilfield associated gas, biogas, etc. used in engines

Strong adaptability

The engine can adapt to temperature changes between -25 ℃ and 40 ℃, and the power does not decrease at an altitude of 2000 meters

Our Projects

Nigeria NBC Independent Power Station

Nigeria Bottle Company (NBC) uses 9 Cummins Electric 1750kW and 1 2000kW natural gas unit to provide electricity and steam, and implements power monitoring. The initial stage of the project was island power generation, and later it was connected to the grid with the city power, while the remaining electricity was connected to the grid.

Australian Gold Mine Power Station

Gold Fields is one of the world's largest gold mining companies, with 9 Cummins Electric C2000N5CB gas generators providing reliable power to Glod Fields, and 2 Cummins Electric C2250D5 diesel generators providing backup power to the system. MPMC also provides the MGC900 electrical control system as the core control unit of the microgrid, coordinating the photovoltaic power generation system.

West East Gas Pipeline Central Asia Power Station

The MPMC electric gas generator set provides a reliable power supply system for the Central Asia pipeline natural gas booster station. Among them, 16 C1160N5C and 3 C1750N5C gas generator units are operating in Kazakhstan. All power systems operate in island mode.

Belgian Greenhouse Farm Quadruple Supply Project

Varegro Greenhouse Farm in the small town of West Flanders, Belgium provides vegetables, fruits, and more to the local area. The new HSK78G has been chosen in greenhouse agriculture to replace the existing gas generator set and meet the additional electricity demand. The unit operates 24 hours a day to provide a comprehensive solution for greenhouse planting, including power supply (lighting), steam (heating), cold (cold chain), and carbon dioxide (gas). The project is equipped with a four unit power supply system for both hot and cold electricity, and the remaining electricity is connected to the grid.


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