LF Manual Lifting Light Tower

LF Manual Lifting Light Tower

Mobile Light Tower | 9m

■ LED ■ Metal Halide
■ Fuel type: Diesel
■ Engine brand: Kubota

MPMC mobile light towers focus on improving product reliability and durability by improving fuel consumption efficiency; lowering operating costs and maintenance costs. It has been a proven solution for a wide range of applications including rental, mining, construction site, infrastructure, sports and events etc.

MPMC Power, Power that you can rely on

Dedicated For Sustainable Independent Power

MPMC are committed to contributing better and cleaner energy solutions to increase fuel consumption efficiency while reducing our own footprints, with solar/wind/gas /diesel power integration.

Low Costs, More Power

Big large fuel tank for longer service life.

Remote control module and optional surveillance camera to realize unattended operation.

Best-in-class Painting Process

MPMC has the most advanced
automatic spraying / powder coating production line, and is equipped with various sandblasting equipment to ensure higher quality.

Complete Design And Quality Inspection

On/off road trailers to comply with various standards. Zero noise emissions at night.

Rigorous production process and testing process.


Fast output sockets.

Emergency button.

Manual winch mast, 4 stages up to 9 meters. 355° rotation.

Separate lockable. Weather resistant powder-coated.

Metal halide lights.

LED lights.

On/off-road trailer.

Strong support legs.


Model MLT4KD-4000LF MLT4KME-4000LF
Rated Voltage AC 230V/240V AC 230V/240V AC 230V/240V
Rated Power (LED Lamp) 4*1000W 4*1000W 4*1000W
Power Package Rated Power 6.0KW 5.5KW;4.7KW 6.0KW
Rated Frequency/ Speed 50Hz /1500 rpm ; 60Hz /1800 rpm 50Hz /1500 rpm ; 60Hz /1800 rpm 50Hz /1500 rpm ; 60Hz /1800 rpm
Noise 65dB(A) @7M 65dB(A) @7M 65dB(A) @7M
Mast-Maximum Height 9M 9M 9M
Mast Lifting & Extension  Manual Operation  Manual Operation  Manual Operation
Fuel level gauge Electronic Electronic Electronic
Tower leg type Manual Manual Manual
Trailer Load bearing 1000KG 1000KG 1000KG
Trailer type Off road type / On road type Off road type / On road type Off road type / On road type
AUX. Power output  16A/3P Socket  16A/3P Socket  16A/3P Socket
Rotation angle range of light NA NA NA
Wind resistance grade 65m/h 65m/h 65m/h
Recommended use environment Level ground Level ground Level ground
Loading Capacity in 40HQ 8 sets 8 sets 8 sets
LED Lamp
Lamp type Metal halide lamp Metal halide lamp Metal halide lamp
Protection Glass IP67 IP67 IP67
Luminous Efficiency 110Lm/W 110Lm/W 110Lm/W
Color Temperature 5000 K 5000 K 5000 K
Lamp sevice life  50000hrs  50000hrs  50000hrs
Control System
Controller Model MALC404 MALC404 MALC404
Engine Model D1105-E2BG-CHN-1  D905-E2BG-CHN-1 D1105-E2BG-CHN-1
Manufacturer Kubota Kubota Kubota
Emission China off road stage II —— China off road stage II
Number of Cylinders 3 3 3
Cycle  4 Stroke  4 Stroke  4 Stroke
Aspiration Naturally Naturally Naturally
Prime Power / Speed (Gross) 10.1KW / 1800RPM ; 9.5KW/1500RPM 7.8KW / 1800RPM ; 6.6KW/1500RPM 10.1KW / 1800RPM ; 9.5KW/1500RPM
Lube-oil Capability 5.1L 5.1L 5.1L
Fuel consumption 205g/kWh 286g/kWh 205g/kWh
Starter motor/ Alternator 1.0KW/12V 1.0KW/12V 1.0KW/12V
Download MLT4KD-4000LF (D1105 50Hz) MLT4KME-4000LF (D905 50Hz) MLT4KME-4000LF (D1105 50Hz)
MLT4KD-4000LF (D1105 60Hz) MLT4KME-4000LF (D905 60Hz) MLT4KME-4000LF (D1105 60Hz)


■ Separate lockable, weather resistant powder-coated steel doors.


■ Mast 355° rotation and lamp 90° manual rotation.
■ Telescopic, mechanical, 5 stages mast up to 7.5m.

Easy Operation

■ External hanger on the top and forklift holes.
■ Individual breaker switch for each light assembly.


■ Large capacity fuel tank
■ Compact design for versatility.
■ Outlets for electronics and small tools.

MPMC Mobile Light Towers, A Trusted Solution For Independent Lighting

■ Short lead time with good quality.
■ Branded engine and major parts lowering disfunction ratio.
■ Residual current device (RCD) protection.
■ Emergency button.
■ Quick response of control system.

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