Dust, mud, rain, moisture, heat, generator sets and light towers for construction, municipal engineering and infrastructure are designed to meet the most demanding and diverse requirements. Job sites in town or residential complexes are most likely strict with vibration and noise control. The remote ones, for instance, a state highway, stand a good chance that there won't be any grid electricity at all.

MPMC power generation for construction sites like a power supply for road and bridge projects, water engineering and other municipal projects is rugged, easy to move and provides consistent power.

Our generator sets incorporate Cummins, Perkins, Volvo and other up-market heavy-duty engine brands with good performance.

We excel in customization helping our customers to delegate the resource, giving one of the most cost-effective solutions. Power range can go from 6 kVa to 3000kVA with open/silent/trailer type of gensets.

MPMC canopies are engineered to optimize load capacity, for mobile platforms, trailers, containers etc. Adopted non-inflammable foam soundproof and built-in silencer, our sound attenuated generator sets comply with international standards for gas emissions and noise emissions.

What do you look for in power generation for construction site?

Low operating costs. Quality products ensure low failure rate. Low failure rate ensures low operating and maintenance costs. You can always choose MPMC standard configuration gensets and light towers, or upgrade them with customization.

Rugged and powerful. Generator sets for rental/hire could be located in the city or in the middle of nowhere, and therefore exposed to rain, dust and harsh environment. MPMC generator sets incorporate with robust design, MPMC sheet metal surface technology and branded power, ensuring 3-5 years warranty against outdoor exposure.

Good mobility with high strength structure. Strong supported chassis design of small vibration and stable running. Anti-collision design can meet the safety need. Strong lift design can reach the requirement of heavy load.

Large capacity fuel tank. Built-in fuel tank capacity for long-term operation at FULL LOAD power that enables the products to operate for consecutive 24 hours.

Diverse and Eco-friendly. MPMC offers solutions, not just products. We are on the same page where human race is heading toward a cleaner world. MPMC power generation solutions for rental business offer solar, light wind, gas and battery powered integrated micro power stations. In addition, we have developed tricycle-mounted and car-mounted power plant for emergency power supply, widely used during unplanned downtime in various applications of telecommunications. While running on hybrid mode, the noise of the power station is under 10 dBA.

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