Under-slung Reefer Generators

Under-slung Reefer Generators

Generator Sets For ISO Reefer Containers | 60Hz

■ Emmissions: U.S. Tier 3 / U.S. Tier 4 Final / EU Stage Ⅲ / EU Stage V / China Off-Road Stage 3 etc.

MPMC Clip-on generator sets for Reefer Container are well designed with compact structures with high rates of efficiency and long lifespan for all refrigerated container units in over-the-road transportation, move with the reefer container.

Key Specs

Prime Power: 18.75kVA/15kW
Fuel Tank Capacity: 190L

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MPMC Gensets For ISO Reefer Containers

Stable Power

Rated output: 15kW, 60Hz, 3 Phases
Reefer container measured power:
6.5 ~ 7.5kW
Standard compliants & Certified:
ISO 1496-2(GB/T7392), CE, ISO9001

Weather Resistance

Startup temperature: -20°C ~ +50°C
Operation temperature: -40°C ~ +50°C
Relative humidity: ≤100%
Altitude: ≤4000m
Resistance: Wind, Sand, Snow, Haze, Salt-spray, Acid rain, Sandstorm etc.

X-Y-Z Vibration Tests

Under the circumstances of vehicle vibration,

Vertical vibration acceleration ≤2g
Horizontal vibration acceleration ≤2g
Longitudinal vibration acceleration ≤3g

What Do You expect from mPMC reefer Gensets?

1. Ensuring powerful starting performance and continuous steady power supply to refrigerated containers.
2. Collision-resistant as the generator set is completely welded steel structural assembly designed to take ≥5g's acceleration forces in all directions.
3. Fuel duration: 10+ days.
4. Cycle run system to lower fuel consumption by 30%-40%
5. Cloud monitoring system for remote monitoring, diagnose and maintenance.
6. Fire-proof system.
7. Emission regulation: U.S. Tier 3 / U.S. Tier 4 Final / EU Stage Ⅲ / EU Stage V / China Off-Road Stage 3 etc.

Key Specifications

Corporated with Shanghai CIMC Generating Set Co., Ltd, our team with professionals with nearly 30 years experience of in designing and manufacturing gensets for reefer containers guarantee tight and efficient quality control as well as manufacturing process.

Power Range: 15kW (18.75kVA)
Fuel Tank Capacity: 190L
Engine: Perkins / Kubota / Yanmar 4 cylinders, 1800r/min
Total Engine Displacement: 2.156L ~ 2.216L
Generator Excitation: Permanent Magnet Excitation
Control System: Instrument meters / LCD Control Panel
Operation Temperature Range: -40°C~55°C
Radiator: Plate structural aluminum radiator
Coolant Volume: 10L (Including reserve tank)
Air Cleaner: Heavy-duty oil bath filter air cleaner
Emission Regulation:
U.S. EPA Tier 3 / U.S. Tier 4 Final / EU Stage Ⅲ / EU Stage V / China Off Road Stage 3 / NA

Branded Engines

Engine Models:
Perkins 404D-22G / Perkins 403F-15TG / Kubota V2203-E2B / Yanmar 4TNV88

Rated Speed: 1800r/min
Type: Vertical in-line 4 cylinders water-cooled diesel engine
Emission Regulation:
U.S. EPA Tier 3 / U.S. EPA Tier 4 Final & California regulation / EU Stage Ⅲ / EU Stage V / China Off Road Stage 3 / NA

PME Generators

Model: RF-15-CIMC-FS

Rated Power 15kW, 460V, 60Hz
Excitation Method: Permanent magnet excitation
IP Grade: IP 65
Insulation Class: H

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