EV Charging


It is completely understandable for being anxious about dead batteries if you own an electric car. Though electric vehicles will warn the driver if the power is getting low and some of them even tell you where the nearest charging stations are on the navigation system, you can still be stuck in a situation where your electric car runs out of battery.

Usually, we call roadside assistance to get towed to the nearest charging station. But MPMC provides another solution for roadside assistance and emergency power management.

Safe Reliable Emergency Power


1000 Hours

Lifecycles @ 90% DOD

6000 times

Range Of The Mobile Power Plant

80 KM

Fording Depth

300 MM

Coating Warranty

3 Years

Supporting Points To Prevent Rollover

4 Points


Dec 24, 2020



Flexible & Mobile. MPMC mobile power plant is 1/4 of the size of the same power electric vehicles on the market while the price is ONLY 1/3 of them. Even in busy traffics with narrow streets, MPMC mobile power plant has no troubles passing through while trucks or 4-wheels vehicles couldn’t do the same.

Cloud Remote Monitoring System. Complied with international electrical safety standards and requirements of communication monitoring system, MPMC mobile power plant solutions incorporate with intelligent operating systems with user-friendly interface, available on both PC and mobile platform. In addition, it comes with GPS and remote monitoring system, the positioning error is less than 50m.

Easy Maintenance & Operation. Large cabin, large access doors with cab for 2 people. The mobile power plant has solar panels to power the start motor of the vehicle, and AC, reverse camera, and tools including cable tray, charging device etc.

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