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Containerised Diesel Generator

Diesel Generator Sets | 50Hz/60Hz

 ■ Containerized-type

MPMC power generation delivers reliable economical power solutions with optimal fuel economy and low operating costs, applied in a variety of diverse applications including rental, mining, construction, data center, power plants, telecommunication, etc.

 containerized generator is a power generator that is packaged and delivered as a complete unit within a container. This containerized approach offers benefits such as mobility, easy deployment, and scalability. It can be used in various applications such as remote locations, disaster recovery, events, back-up power and construction sites where there is a need for reliable power supply. Each manufactured containerised generator is acoustically lined to achieve the external sound levels required at your site. We build each container from scratch with special louvres for free flow ventilation, which reduces the external sound levels and maintains the optimum diesel engine efficiency.

Maximum Sounding proofing

We accomplish maximum soundproofing by lining the container with extra thick insulation to absorb the noise emitted from the operational diesel generator engine. We even soundproof the floor of the generator container to ensure the best lowest sound levels.


⬤  Prime 750kVA, Doosan DP222LC + STAMFORD S5L1D-H4

⬤  20HC Supersilent, 75 dB(A) @ 7m @ 100% load

⬤   Parallel & load sharing (DSE8610 + ABB 1250A 3P motorized MCCB)

⬤  9kW engine block preheater with circuit pump

⬤  No fuel tank

⬤  Wet weight < 10 tons


⬤  Prime 2000kVA, Perkins 4016-61TRG3 + STAMFORD S7L1D-G41

⬤  40HC Supersilent, 85 dB(A) @ 1m @ 100% load

⬤  Parallel & load sharing (DSE8610 + ABB 3200A 3P ACB)

⬤  2 x 3kW engine block preheater with circuit pump

⬤  Internal 500L fuel tank with automatic fuel filling device

MPMC Power, Power that you can rely on

Dedicated For Sustainable Independent Power

MPMC are committed to contributing better and cleaner energy solutions to increase fuel consumption efficiency while reducing our own footprints, with solar/wind/gas /diesel power integration.

Reliable Powerful Generator Sets

MPMC medium range diesel/gas generators covers 81kVa - 800kVA gensets applied in all ranges of critical applications including rental, mining, data center, construction, hospitals etc.

Best-in-class Painting Process

MPMC has the most advanced
automatic spraying / powder coating production line, and is equipped with various sandblasting equipment to ensure higher quality.

Complete Design And Quality Inspection

Rigorous production process and testing process:

0%, 25%, 50%, 75%, 100%, 110% load test; Function test and protection test.

MPMC Containerised Diesel Generator

Big power, stable performance, your reliable partner.
Redundant design with comprehensive control and protection system.
Fast start-up @ full load within 12 seconds.
Unattended operation.
After-sales service supported through GSM.
In compliance with international standards.


Strong chassis for lower vibration and stable running

User-friendly operating interface and fully functional control system.

Branded alternator.

Battery power switch (anti-feed, security protection)

Low-temperature start system (optional)

High quality air filter.

Fuel-water separator (Optional)

Tropical radiator (Optional)

Up-Market Customization

Control cabinet, easy operation.

Murphy tank guage.

Stainless steel net covers.

Double layer fuel tank (8h)

Emergency button.

Embedded ladder for easy maintenance.


Stainless steel hinges, locks and parts & oil filler cap to prevent overflows.


MPMC Mobile Power Solutions, For Brighter, Safer, And More Beautiful Life!

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Reefer Container Generator Sets

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