Genset+Battery Hybrid Power Stations

MPMC GB Series hybrid generator set consists of a traditional diesel/gas generator set and a battery energy storage system. It is a state-of-the-art power solution that integrates up-market battery system, battery management system, sophisticated diesel/gas energy generation system and operation monitoring system. The prime power supply of the MPMC hybrid generator set is the battery storage system while the diesel / gas genset plays a role as the standby power.

The MPMC GB Series hybrid generator set adopts lithium-ion phosphate battery with excellent lithium-ion battery consistency ensuring 8000 times of life cycles for 8 consecutive years, meeting the most demanding applications.


•Quality LiFePO4 battery with large capacity and high power density. Discharge depth: 90%. Life cycles: 8000 times for 8 consecutive years.
•Optional to connect with main grid, solar power and wind power, reducing fuel consumption, keeping low emissions and low noises for better profitability.
•Well-known branded diesel engine to ensure power accountability and reliability. Engine speed: 900 – 2200 rpm. Variable speed. Engine options: Perkins, Cummins, Kubota etc.
•DC 48V alternator. Class H, IP23. >80% efficiency.
•Sound attenuated canopy. AkzoNobel powder coating ensuring 3-5 years outdoor duration on galvanized steel.
•Excellent control system. Auto start/stop generator sensing the battery voltage with multiple protection and automatic charging.
•Power management module with intelligent control of different energy sources while adapting to different power loads and outputs.
•Remote cloud monitoring system. Auto maintenance reminder and operation data analysis, opimized and user friendly.
•Forklift holes at the bottom for easy transportation.
•Applications: Rental, Construction, Work Site, Telecommunications, Offshore, Off-grid etc.



Dec 24, 2020

System Rated Power20kVA30kVA35kVA40kVA45kVA
Diesel Genset Rated Power10kVA16kVA21kVA24kVA32kVA
Inverter Rated Power10kVA15kVA15kVA15kVA15kVA
Rated Voltage220~240Vac/1P220~240Vac/1P220~240Vac/1P220~240Vac/1P220~240Vac/1P
System Energy Capacity10kWh15kWh20kWh20kWh25kWh
Battery TypeLiFePO4LiFePO4LiFePO4LiFePO4LiFePO4
Discharge Depth90%90%90%90%90%
Cycle Time80008000800080008000
Cooling SystemFanFanFanFanFan
Laoding Dimension2450x1150x1900mm2450x1150x1900mm2450x1150x1900mm2450x1150x1900mm2450x1150x1900mm
Loading Capacity of 20’GP4 units4 units4 units4 units4 units
Operating Temperature-15°C~50°C-15°C~50°C-15°C~50°C-15°C~50°C-15°C~50°C
Download DatasheetGB-20-10GB-30-15GB-35-20GB-40-20GB-45-25