The Summer 2014 Issue

MPMC POWERTECH founded in the middle of Year 2008,

focusing in the high end markets.Partner with only world-famous engine manufactures.

The power range of MPMC genset is 5KW-2500KW.

The sales revenue growth is exceeding 65% each year.

This summer,we visited some of African countries and most of them

lack of power resources, so our products are needed extremely in their market.

Meanwhile,we contacted old customers and knew their more demands.

Based on these factors,we tried to earn new customers and most of them

expressed their cooperation plan with us.

There is a big gap between the rich and the poor

in many countries in Middle East,so the requirements of the generator sets is various.

During the visit,we got a large order from a new customer,

and the generator sets of the order is in production right now.

Mongolia, a beautiful ,passionate and magic country.We visited some intention customers.

They leave a good impression in our hearts for their warm reception and open-minded attitude.

Meanwhile,they expressed the hope to visit and inspect our factory.

This is a fruitful visit experience,and laid a solid foundation for our cooperation in future.

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