(Wind)+Solar+Battery Hybrid Power Station

MPMC Hybrid Energy Solutions WSB / SB Series provide stable, reliable, safe and convenient electric energy for residential electricity consumption. The integration of solar power, wind turbines and energy storage systems of MPMC Hybrid Energy Solutions help to realize independent power generation, which greatly reduces the dependence on grid utility and lowers the cost of electricity consumption with peak power shaving.

The system is aesthetically designed with retractable solar panels, wind turbines and lithium-ion phosphate batteries, and eco-friendly, making zero noise and no emissions. Wind powered system is optional.

MPMC WSB hybrid power stations are proven solutions to residential energy storage, ranging from 10kWh to 25kWh.



Dec 24, 2020

Rated Power5kVA7.5kVA10kVA
Rated Output Voltage230Vac/1P230Vac/1P230Vac/1P
System Storage Capacity10kWh15kWh20kWh
Max. Batter Capacity20kWh20kWh20kWh
Max. Solar Power2500W2500W2500W
Daily Power Generation10kWh10kWh10kWh
Max Wind Power400W400W400W
Rated Wind Speed10m/s10m/s10m/s
Battery TypeLiFePO4LiFePO4LiFePO4
Pack Rated Capacity5.22kWh5.22kWh5.22kWh
Cycle Time800080008000
Discharge Depth0.90.90.9
Expand Dimenson5420x3820x6000mm5420x3820x6000mm5420x3820x6000mm
Loading Capacity of 40’HC16 units16 units16 units
Operating Temperature-15°C~50°C-15°C~50°C-15°C~50°C