Sailing into a brand new era - MPMC live streams succeeded in Canton Fair 2020
For the very first time, Canton Fair was held online since 1957. For the very first time, keeping up with Canton Fair over 12 years, MPMC debuted its live stream shows during 15th Jun to 24th Jun.

While the pandemic has brought tragic loss to the world and caused most of countries to lock down, moving Canton Fair online creates an effective way for buyers to take a closer look at the products as well as their suppliers. 

What makes it an entrance of a brand new era is that other than virtual exhibition with visual aids such as VR or 3D-modeling, we could also live stream to present our products. Live streaming an authentic tour in our workshop with products of generator sets, lighting towers and hybrid micro-power station, we were honored to invite 10 different guests from 10 essential partners to do talk shows in our live studio, attracting hundreds of thousands of audiences.

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