Run for a bright future - MPMC happy jogs

Run for a bright future - MPMC happy jogs

May 31, 2020

It was a beautiful day on May 31. In the morning, over 50 MPMC staff gathered in the park laughing and cheering, where the 5th happy working, healthy living - summer happy jogs kicked off.

There were over 50 employees divided into 5 teams to take part in the game. They were clear about their goals, a 7.14 kilometers race team versus team. They were not running just for selves, but also for the team. After warming up, players rushed into the path with full enthusiasm.

Supportive, inspiring. Spirits sparkled in their eyes. At that moment, everyone is a winner.

In a sprint finish, we were proud to announce, Jiang Cheng broke the record with 34’58” becoming men’s champion and Wu Jingjing broke the record with 41’51” achieving women’s championship.

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