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Gas generator sets can be operated with various types of gases such as natural gas, shale gas, mine gas, biogas, landfill gas, sewage gas and syngas. They are designed to achieve the highest electrical and thermal efficiency, low operating and service costs, and highest electrical and thermal efficiency. low operating and service costs, and high reliability and availability. As a result, gas generator sets achieved over 90% efficiency.


1. Output range from 400 kWel to 1,000 kWel@1500min--1 (50Hz) and 1800min--1(60Hz)

2. New 8-cylinder, 12-cylinder and 16-cylinder V-engines with turbocharged and double-click cooling and even lean burn.

3. High-pressure ignition system and spark plug of pre-chamber controlled by TEM(Total Electronic Management).

4. The genset operation is monitored by TEM.

5. Adjust power output and control exhaust emissions by monitoring combustion chamber temperature and knocking。
Gas generators are suitable for custom designs of natural gas, biogas, landfill gas, coal mine gas and alternative fuels. New engine technology can provide electricity, and combine heat and power(CHP)
Application of Biogas
Application of Sewage Gas
Application of Landfill Gas
Application of Coal Mine Gas
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