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The engine is outstanding products with 6 cylinders inline, 4 valves, integrated cylinder head, overhead camshaft, rear gear chamber, 13L displacement, 130mm×161mm (Bore x Stroke). The BOSCH high pressure common rail fuel injection system is adopted on it.
High performance 
High fuel economy
Long life
Easy service High reliability
Low noise level
Low speed area big torque

Item Unit Parameter
Fuel Type Diesel
Fuel system Bosch High pressure common rail
Rate power/speed kW/rpm 408kW /1500rpm
410kW /1800rpm
Standby power/speed kW/rpm 449kW/1500rpm
Flywheel inertia Kgm2 2.9Kgm2
Min Fuel Consumption g / kW.h 185.5
Low Idler Speed r/min 600±50
Configuration Inline
No. of cylinders 6
Cycle 4
Ignition sequence 1-5-3-6-2-4
Aspiration Turbocharged & Air-Air After cooled
Bore x Stroke mm 130mm x 161mm
Displacement L 12.8
Compression ratio 17:01
Starter motor DC24V
Engine dimensions (LxWx H) mm 2000x946x1549
Weight kg 1183
Emission T3(China)
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