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Product Details
MPMC provides a wide range of generators powered by Kubota engines.
Kubota (Japan) enjoys a strong reputation in the global market for its excellent compact, lightweight, high-output engines. Kubota is the first company in the world to obtain certification for general-purpose engines under the California Air Resources Board (CARB) emissions regulations, Kubota's engines are renowned for their world-class environmental performance. Kubota is also acknowledged for its engineering capabilities in adapting engines to different applications. MPMC cooperated with Cummins for many years, because of its rich experience and expertise.
Features of genset powered by Kubota:
1. International Warranty Service
2.With ISO9001&CE certification
3.Original imported (Japan) engines
4.Coupled with Mecc-alte alternator or Stamford alternator
5.Perfect after-service network
6.Power range from 6kva to 30kva
7.Rigorous test including 50% load, 75% load, 100% load and 110% load
8.Warranty: One year or 1500 Working Hours from the shipment date, whichever comes first.
9. Excellent performance for small power range
Standard configuration of Kubota open type:
1.Kubota engine
2.Meccalte alternator (Stamford, Leroy Somer and MPMC for option)
3.Deepsea DSE3110 control panel as standard, AMF Control Panel Deepsea DSE7320& Smartgen HGM6120 for Option, ATS for Option
4.Chint circuit breaker, ABB Breaker for Option
5.10 Working Hours Base Fuel Tank
6.Anti-Vibration Mounted System
7.Battery and battery switch
8.Industrial silencer and flexible exhaust hose
Benefits for open type:
For open type, the genset will be much easier to maintenance and repair, with more durable performance and longer service life, so the cost performance is higher.

Model Standby Power Prime Power Engine Dimension Weight
kVA kWe kVA kWe mm KG
MK7-1 7 6 7 5 D905-E2BG 1404×571×1093 324
MK10-1 11 9 10 8 D1105-E2BG 1404×568×1093 347
MK15-1 17 13 15 12 D1703-E2BG 1570×621×1124 458
MK20-1 22 18 20 16 V2203-E2BG 1750×653×1123 595
MK30-1 33 26 30 24 V3300-E2BG 1897×700×1325 860

Model Standby Power Prime Power Engine Dimension Weight
kVA kWe kVA kWe mm KG
MK7-2 8.1 6.5 7.4 5.9 D905-E2BG 1404×571×1093 324
MK10-2 12.5 10 11 9.1 D1105-E2BG 1404×568×1093 347
MK15-2 18.8 15 17 13.6 D1703-E2BG 1570×621×1124 458
MK20-2 25.0 20 23 18.2 V2203-E2BG 1750×653×1123 595
MK30-2 37.5 30 34 27.3 V3300-E2BG 1897×700×1325 860
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