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  • Alternator Specification

    DC48V; Class H, IP23; >80% efficiency

  • Large Capacity Deep Cycle Battery

    Colloidal lead-acid or Lithium-ion battery.

  • Sound Attenuated Canopy

    High quality powder coating on galvanized steel.

  • Control System Feature

    Auto start/stop generator sensing the battery voltage with Multiple protection and Autoatic charging.

  • Power Management Module

    With intelligent control of different energy sources while adapting to different power loads and outputs.

  • Remote Cloud Monitoring System

    Auto maintenance reminder and operation data analysis, opimized and user friendly.

Model HG-2.8 HG-10 HG-15 HG-25
System voltage(V) DC48V or AC220V 1Ph
System protection Ground RCD protection, overload protection, high voltage protection
Dimension(mm) 1750*830*1580 2100*1050*1950
Weight(Kg) 1050 1700 1900 2300
Noise 65dBA@7M
Main power of generating set(kvA) 2.8 10 15 25
Standby power 3 11 16.5 27.5
Frequency 50HZ
Fuel tank form and capacity 100L Double tank 500L Double tank
The maximum power of the battery pack@25℃.KVA 1 5 10.5 10.5
Battery reserve power@25℃.30min 1.2 5.8 12 12
Output Current(AC)A 15 20
Battery type Colloidal lead-lead or lithium-ion battery
Battery control protection BMS System
Charging time(H) 7.5
Maximum accessible photovoltaic power(KWp) 1 2
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