Diesel Generator Sets | 50Hz

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MPMC power generation delivers reliable economical power solutions with optimal fuel economy and low operating costs, applied in a variety of diverse applications including rental, mining, construction, data center, power plants, telecommunication, etc.

Key Specs

Prime Power: 170kVA/136kW
Standby Power: 187kVA/150kW


Generator Set

  • Prime Power:170kVA/136kW

  • Standby Power: 187kVA/150kW

  • Frequency: 50Hz

  • Speed: 1500rpm

  • Phase: 3

  • Rated Voltage: 400V/230V Customized


  • Engine Brand:  FPT

  • Engine Model: NEF67TM4

  • Bore x Stroke: 104x 132mm

  • Displacement: 6.7L 

  • Speed governor:  Mechanical

  • Compression ratio: 17.5:1


  • Insulation Type: H Class

  • IP Rating: IP 23

  • Bearing: Single Bearing

  • Voltage Regulator: A.V.R

  • Coupling: Flexible Disc


Turbo charging protection and heat shield.

Built-in fuel inlet/outlet pipe and fuel filler.

Fuel gauge.

Rock wool and micro-perforated aluminum panels.

Self-made vent cap.

High-temperature ceramic insulation sets.

High intensity shock absorber.

Air inlet and outlet system to ensure genset's stable running.

Up-Market Customization

Fast outlet sockets. Up to IP65.

Stainless steel door locks.

Stainless steel hinges.

Large access to control panel and see-through window.

Strong anti-collision chassis with traction tube for dragging.

Forklift holes at the bottom for easy trasportation.

Lifting rings at the top.

Fully-sealed large fuel tank to prevent fuel leakage.

Looking For More Information?

MPMC Medium Range Generator Sets

Steady performance with strong design.
In-house test rooms to ensure every product's stable running.
Lifting rings, traction tubes, and forklift holes for easy transportation.
Proper inlet and outlet air system design to ensure
the reliability of the genset running in silent condition.

Weather Resistant
Sound Attenuated Structure

MPMC manufactures our own generator enclosure and chassis to ensure high duration.
Complete enclosure structure  for water/rain/dust-proof.
The canopy painting incorporates Henkel pretreatment process and AkzoNobel powder;
The chassis painting incorporates sandblasting process and AkzoNobel powder;
ensuring 3 -5 years outdoor powder coating warranty.

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