MPMC visits SmartGen Factory: Building friendships and creating a future path together

May 09, 2023

From May 7th to 8th, Lucia Liu, the vice president of MPMC, was invited to lead the management team to visit SmartGen for a research and exchange event.


SmartGen, as a high gross margin, high growth, and high technology enterprise at the national level, has maintained a leading position in the industry in terms of lean management and technology research and development since its establishment. As a high-quality partner of MPMC, the two parties have organized research and exchange activities many times over the years, continuously complementing each other's progress and jointly committed to promoting the technological transformation and upgrading of the industry in their respective fields.



On this occasion, the new factory of SmartGen was completed, creating a lean, digital, and intelligent workshop, and establishing a clearer and more efficient technology research and development system and upgrading process, which greatly impressed the visiting MPMC team.



After visiting SmartGen's automated workshop, intelligent warehousing, and industry-leading testing equipment, the management teams of both parties had detailed and in-depth exchanges on topics such as the implementation of technical research and development achievements, difficulties in advancing lean management, quality control improvement measures, and corporate culture building.



Vice President Lucia Liu stated that SmartGen's consistent commitment to making technology research and development its core competitiveness during its development process is worth learning from by MPMC and other peers in the industry. At the same time, the substantial efforts and supporting hardware that SmartGen has invested in lean production management have greatly improved production efficiency and product quality, setting an industry benchmark. MPMC will continue to learn from high-quality partners like SmartGen, practice lean management skills, and increase support for technology investment, contributing its strength to the success of Chinese manufacturing and technology in the international market. In addition, Vice President Liu also enthusiastically invited the SmartGen management team to visit MPMC's energy storage product production line, where the two sides can engage in in-depth exchanges on energy storage technology research and development, and jointly enhance their expertise and complementary advantages.