MPMC & Lei Shing Hong 2023 Partner Annual Conference

Dec 18, 2023

Once again, it's time for MPMC and our old friend Lei Shing Hong Machinery to come together for our annual gathering. On December 6th, the MPMC team traveled to Lei Shing Hong Machinery's headquarters in Kunshan to attend the highly anticipated "MPMC & Lei Shing Hong 2023 Partner Annual Conference".

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The enthusiastic welcome speech from General Manager Wang and his team from Lei Shing Hong Machinery kicked off the event. With sincere smiles and warm applause, they welcomed the arrival of the MPMC team. This genuine warmth made us feel touched and grateful.


Next, Chairman Du from MPMC reviewed our partnership over the past decade with great emotion. During this time, we have weathered many challenges together and witnessed each other's growth and success. Lei Shing Hong has consistently supported and assisted MPMC, like a never-ending river providing us with continuous motivation. And MPMC's trust and reliance on Lei Shing Hong, like a solid mountain, have carried our years of cooperation and mutual growth, with each step marked by our sweat and effort.


We then participated in a series of training activities. First, we received training on FG Wilson power system solutions to learn about the latest technologies and development trends. Then, we attended training on CAT gas and diesel generator sets to enhance our professional knowledge and skills, preparing us to better serve our clients.


After lunch, Lei Shing Hong arranged a tour of their energy workshop, giving us a deeper understanding of their corporate culture and advanced energy products and production processes, strengthening our understanding and trust in our partner.


To enhance team cohesion, we also had a bonding activity at the bowling alley. In the bowling alley, we competed and released stress together, creating joyful memories. This moment brought us closer together, feeling the power of teamwork.


Finally, we gathered for a dinner party. We enjoyed delicious Yangcheng Lake hairy crabs and raised our glasses to toast, looking back on the exciting moments of the day and looking forward to our future cooperation.

Since 2009, the partnership between MPMC and Lei Shing Hong Machinery has been like a destined contract. Together, we strive for excellence and innovation, working hard to provide high-quality generator set solutions for our clients. During this journey, the Perkins engines from Lei Shing Hong have become a vital power source for our generator sets, giving them strong power and reliability.

The partnership between MPMC and Lei Shing Hong has surpassed a simple supply and demand relationship; we have become inseparable partners. The theme of this year's conference, "Head Held High, Sails Set for Distant Voyages," reflects our shared expectation for a bright future of cooperation. We will continue to work together towards greater success and development in the new energy field.

May the partnership ship of MPMC and Lei Shing Hong Machinery sail through the challenges and towards a more brilliant future on its journey ahead!