"Christmas is Here, Warming Up the Winter Together" - Embracing Romance and Surprises from the MPMC Family

Dec 02, 2023

In a world without Santa Claus,
All the romance and surprises in life
Come from those who love you.
With joy multiplied among us,
Christmas is here, warming up the winter.
MPMC Shanghai Headquarters and Jiangsu Factory
Held a synchronized Christmas event.


 ↑ Click the video to experience warmth and surprises.



From "Guess the Picture" and "Santa Hat Ball Catch" to "Gift Exchange" and the final employee birthday celebration, each activity brought waves of laughter, allowing us to experience the romance and surprises from the MPMC family.

"Guess the Picture" was just an appetizer for this event. MPMC employees actively participated, guessing idioms by observing pictures. Not only did they receive prizes, but they also gained a sense of joy and unity.


The following "Santa Hat Ball Catch" allowed everyone to release stress and enjoy the fun of the game to the fullest. Divided into teams, we used Santa hats to catch incoming balls, embracing the warmth from MPMC during the winter.


The gift exchange session made everyone feel the holiday warmth and surprises. Each person brought a carefully prepared gift and exchanged them through a game. Everyone looked forward to receiving a desired gift while hoping their own gift would bring joy and surprises to others.


At the Jiangsu Factory, a dedicated Santa Claus distributed apples, adding a festive touch to the occasion.


Finally, we held a birthday celebration for employees whose birthdays fall in December. Sharing delicious birthday cakes, everyone had sweet smiles on their faces. We warmed up the cold winter, replacing the chill with warmth.


The success of this Christmas event would not have been possible without the participation and dedication of each employee. Let us continue to work together, earning accolades for the upcoming New Year and embracing new challenges and opportunities. Lastly, wish you good health, peace and good mood, not only on Christmas day!