An Invitation to 127th Canton Fair – MPMC going live streams

Booth: 3.1C21 | 3.1C22 | 3.1C23 | 3.1D22 | 3.1D23 | 3.1D24



Dear Sir/Madam, We hereby sincerely invite you and your company representatives to visit our booth 3.1C21-23/3.1D22-24 at Canton Fair online.

Quality products are presented by live streams for you to look closer, as well as online authentic factory tour. What’s more, we have invited 10 senior managers from our partners and will hold a talk show with each of them at GTM+8 15:00 every day from June 15 – June 24.

THE GREATEST PART FOR YOU is everyone will achieve VOUCHERs as long as he/she watches our live show.

For anyone who would like to join in, please refer to the handbook for buyer as below. One stop access to our homepage and live streams. One little click, big money saver.

We will see YOU in the fair!

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