2021 | Looking forward to the future, hand in hand

From the beginning of 2021, MPMC's strategic partners successively visited MPMC’s factory in Haimen, Jiangsu, to conduct in-depth discussions on further deepening cooperation in the future.

On January 21, MPMC’s factory in Haimen, Jiangsu, welcomed Xin Wang’s team of Lei Shing Hong Machinery Engine BD, and the board members of MPMC warmly received them.

Lei Shing Hong Machinery is the exclusive agent of Perkins engines in East China market and North China market. In recent years, Lei Shing Hong Machinery has strongly supported MPMC's sales and promotion of Perkins engine parts in the global market. In last year's Canton Fair, MPMC and Lei Shing Hong Machinery jointly held a special program on the promotion of Perkins spare parts, which obtained good market feedback and brilliant sales performance.

During this visit to MPMC at the beginning of this year, the engine team of Lei Shing Hong Machinery had a further understanding of the informatization, digital construction, broad product strategies, flexible production organization capacity and collectivized operation and management system of MPMC’s factory.

In particular, Mr. Du, chairman of MPMC, mainly introduced the mobile power plant developed by our company in recent years, which is suitable for all kinds of road conditions and can quickly solve the problem of emergency power supply for base stations in big cities or suburbs. The integrated energy solution of power generation, transmission and power supply is highly recognized by the users and the team of Lei Shing Hong. Both sides are confident about the in-depth cooperation of this project. In addition, the team of Lei Shing Hong has made a deeper understanding of the whole series of Lighting tower products of MPMC, and we hope that both sides can reach more cooperation on engine application.

MPMC and Lei Shing Hong firmly believe that closer support and cooperation between both is imperative in 2021!

On January 26th, Mr. Jianhui Xu, General Manager of Wuxi Stamford, and his team visited MPMC Haimen Factory. MPMC with Stamford Motor cooperation for many years, relying on the Stamford machine superior performance and excellent quality and MPMC team tireless in the world's main part of backup power application market promotion, the MPMC generator sets with Stamford generators in the global market share of steady growth, is gaining more customers higher evaluation.

MPMC chairman Mr. Jianfeng Du said that without the full support of strategic partners, there would have been no thriving MPMC!

This Stamford team's visit, Mr. Jianfeng Du led the MPMC board member warm in reception, we had in-depth discussions on various new topics and new projects of mutual interest, and visited MPMC’s production workshop, examines the prototype product, discusses the market changes, established the more solid support and cooperation with each other in the future.

Mr. Jianfeng Du mentioned in the meeting that the cold chain generator sets market is broad and the development prospect is good. We welcome Stamford to participate in this project. With mature technology under MPMC of high quality products and a strong marketing ability, we believe that both will be able to jointly develop a more fruitful market segment.

Stamford Mr. Xu said that Stamford will provide full support for MPMC products and marketing strategy, not only will consider developing low power generators that used for cold chain generator sets, but also hope to be able to cooperate with MPMC in the lighting tower series products, Stamford always will be MPMC’s one of the most reliable strategic partner.

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