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Hybrid energy power station is a mobile clean energy power station which integrates solar, wind energy and gas genset with optional energy managment. The power station adopts the latest thin film solar panels and breeze generators, and is equipped with lithium batteries. With self-developed energy management module, the power station effectively manages the input and output of various energy sources according to the external environment and load conditions, supplying power in the most economical operation mode.

The power station can be used for agriculture. It can also be used for daily power backup. Equipped with medical equipmet, it can be converted into a mobile medical station for medical assistance in remote areas. At the same tiom, it can be used as Power supply for 5G micro base stations. Based on its pollution-free, noise-free, mobility, maintenance-free, and highly reliable features, it can be used as a power supply for important equipment under various conditions.


1. The solar panels can be telescoped and recycled to achieve the smallest transport volume and the maximum operating area.

2. Wind turbine is expandable.

3. The use of lithium battery can increase the discharge capacity by up to 80% and reduce the storage volume.

4. Pumps and drilling machine can be installed in it.

5. The self-locking device of the solar panel can ensure the safety of the solar panel during teansportation and operation.

6. Convenient and quick connection mode enables easy connection between multiple power stations.

Model Energy Dimension(mm) Maximum Power Generation
Per Day KWh
Battery Capacity Output Power
MNE-3000 Solar+wind energy 2966*2246*2520 26KWh 400AH Colloidal battery DC24V/DC48V/AC220V
MNE-3250 Solar 4000*1648*1920 16KWh 300AH lithium battery DC48V/AC220V
MNE-5000 Solar+wind energy 5900*2250*2530 40KWh 400AH lithium battery DC48V/AC220V
MNE-6000 Solar+wind energy 5900*2250*2530 45KWh 600AH lithium battery DC48V/AC220V
MNE-9750 Solar 4433*2250*2180 49KWh 600AH lithium battery DC48V/AC220V
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